Looking To Get Approved For A Car Loan?

Get Pre Approved For A Car Loan is your guide to finding dealerships and the banks they work with efficiently and quickly. You can apply for a loan and get pre-approved that day, once you have the financing figured out you can start shopping for the car of your dreams right away from the comfort of your own home.

Who We Are

We created Get Pre Approved For A Car Loan because we know how difficult it could be for folks to get approved for a loan and secure the financing possible to buy or lease a car. That is why we help you connect directly to the banks that back hundreds of dealerships across the country so that getting pre-approved for a loan is simple. Because it is all online, you can go about this process in a no-stress atmosphere.

How It Works

Search For The Best Loan

Search through our directory of hundreds of dealerships and their banks and search for the one with loan terms that make you most comfortable.

Set Up A Payment Plan

Once you have selected the bank and the dealership that has the loan terms you want, you can set up a payment plan option and get financing quickly so you can start shopping for a car.

Choose Your Dream Car

Once you have the loan you want and the financing is all set, you can then shop for the car of your dreams from several local dealerships and all from the comfort of your couch.

Hop In Your Dream Car & Enjoy The Ride

Once you have selected the car of your dreams, head to the dealership and drive off the lot happy.

Why We’re Different

We Make It Easy

Get Pre Approved For A Car Loan.com helps make the process of securing a loan, getting approved for a loan and then finding a car easy because of how many dealerships we have registered and our ability to connect you to them.


Direct Access To Banks

Our website allows you to access the banks that back individual dealerships which means that you can get the loan terms and financing information straight from the horse’s mouth.


A Large Directory

We have a vast directory of dealerships and banks that register with us so that you not only have lots of options, but you know that if they’re on our website, they are legitimate and willing to help you secure the car of your dreams.


Things To Remember About Loans

Choose The Right Terms

Never select loan terms that you are unable to pay back later on when, or if, things get tough. You need to ensure that the terms of the loan are never something that could potentially become a burden.

Refinance When Possible

Never be afraid to refinance your loan when needed so that you ensure it never becomes a burden and that you are always able to pay it off each month.

Know The Interest Rate

Always make sure you are aware of your interest rate, both how much it is and whether or not it is a fixed rate. A fixed-rate never changes even in bad economic times, and you should always have a basic knowledge of this, so you never put yourself in a precarious position.

Check Out These Dealerships

These dealerships are ready to work with you and along with their banks are prepared to help you get a loan and finance your dream car.

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